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Soorya Festival | Bharathanatyam concert by Padma shri Shobana on 3 OCT @ Trivandrum
Jeeth Yesudas

Padma shri Shobana initially entered the world of arts as a child hailing from the family of dancers with the legacy of Travancore sisters.Later she made her mark as one of the great Bharatanatyam dancers of our times. She is famed for her Abhinaya which makes her an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer who experiments with various styles. She started showing her presence in Soorya Festival starting from 1994.She spearheads KALARPANA which propogates arts worldwide and is also involved in a lot of social activities.The clarity of line and strong rhythmic command of the idiom during her performances are indeed a visual treat for genuine dance lovers. She continues to explore various heights by introducing and inventing new styles to popularize the dance forms. The latest in that genre was Maya Ravan which was widely acclaimed. Her cine-field success graph also add to the popularity for her events.

Program | Bharathanatyam by Padma shri Shobana
Venue | Vyloppilli Samskriti Bhavan
Date | OCT 3
Time | 6.45 P M

Review By | Jeeth Yesudas
Photo Courtesy | FB.com/SHOBANA - The Danseuse Actress

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