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Thiraseela.com is coming here as the first online portal which will extract each and every arts and performers from the desert of darkness to the greenish world of light. Those performers who are still waiting to catch the eyes and ears of people are the main target that we focus. You are going to familiar with the fabulous arts of Kerala through the shining eyes of Thiraseela. The evergreen art forms of Kerala are still alive only because of a hand full of hard core art lovers. Thiraseela, for you is making an attempt to showcase your talents and publishing it across the globe.

Thiraseela.com is an initiative of Gleimo Technology Solution; A software & website development company located in Mangalapuram near new techno city campus; Trivandrum Dist.


We assure that you will not be disappointed because your need is our service. You can invite the knowledge of arts to your own eyesight if your mindset accepts Thiraseela.


In today's busy world people have no time to spend some precious time for reading. However there are people who find time for reading even though they are leading a busy life. Thiraseela's another gun point is towards them. There are a vast collection of books which refer to topics of arts. Here in Thiraseela, you can access a reference of any books related to arts. Being a Keralite it is very important to aware of Kerala's ever shining arts that is always lift our home town to a international height.


These days we get to see that budding artists and talents are extremely being encouraged everywhere. An institution can help a lot to develop and expose these skills. Thiraseela brings the youth a thesaurus of true and vast information about such institutions which are already prominent names in delivering skills to the buds. Here you have the privilege to choose some of the institutions which you think would be perfect for your need of learning.


Kerala, the God's own country is an aboard of traditional art forms. But everyday here merely passes with their showcasing. The events and programs conducted on these art forms are by different class of art loving people, institutions, Govt etc. The fact is, we the people of Kerala know very little about these eternal art forms and have little time to relate. Thiraseela will enlighten those events and surely do the updates.

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