Duffmuttu (also: Dubhmuttu) is an art form prevalent among Muslims in Kerala state of south India using the traditional duff, or daf, also called Thappitta. Participants dance to the rhythm as they beat the duff. The tradition method of playing this is by standing in a u shape, then singing byth i.e. the traditional Arabic song and then playing according to the song, and the modern way is by singing any Islamic song and then adding steps according to the song, then playing the duff. The method is similar but slightly different to that performed in Saudi Arabia and in almost all of Gulf Arab countries.

What Is Duffmutt?

Duffmuttu is also known as Aravanamuttu. It is a group performance popular among the Muslims of Malabar. Duffmuttu is staged as a social event during festivals and nuptial ceremonies. The artistes beat on a quaint round percussion instrument called the Duffu, the leader of the group sings the lead, while the others form the chorus and move in circles. The songs are often tributes to martyrs, heroes and saints. Duffmuttu can be performed at any time of the day and has no fixed time limit.

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