Kalampattu is a traditional performing art in Kerala, India.

It is performed as a vazhipad (offering). Pattu kurup, a traditional community, is in charge of that function. This offering is performed for the blessings of gods like Bhadrakali, Ayyappan, Vettakkorumakan, serpent god, etc. This kurup makes the kalam picture (drawn on the floor using five colours[1]) and he sings also. The velichappad (Komaram) mostly belongs to the Nambudiri community does the kalapradikshinam (rounding the kalam with different steps and rhythms), nalikerameru (breaking of coconut as offering), and kalammakkal (validictory function – closing the function).


pattu kURayital (official starting of the function-the kurup with the suggestion of the offerer starts the programme with decorating the stage (mandapam or pattupura). Sometimes there may be a series of paatt at the same mandapam. So the koora or the decoration will be removed only after the series. For example nilampur paattu is of 41 days.

kalam puja - after decorating the mandapam a puja for the deity is done at that place and that puja will be completed only at the last stage of the patt of that day-just before kalam makkal (erasing the kalam). From that moment the presence of the deity is supposed at the mandapam. During the puja kurup sings some devotional songs (there are customary songs at each stage to sing)

sandya vela - this is after deeparadhana. Keli, thayampaka, kushalpattu, etc are done according to the budget of the offerer.

mullakka pattu - during sandhyaavela the kurup will be making the kalam. He makes he customary picture of the deity with five colours: white, yellow, black, green and red. When the kalam is ready the deity and the komaram will be welcomed to the kalam as a procession. Here also according to the budget elephant, melam, and other decorative items can be added in the procession.


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