Thidambu Nritham

Thidambu Nritham

Thidambu Nritham (dance with the replica of the deity) is a ritual dance performed in Temples of North Malabar. This is one among many rich art traditions of North Malabar. It is mainly performed by Namboothiris, and rarely other Brahmin communities. North Malabar is well renowned for its deep rooted culture and tradition. This northern part of present Kerala State is home for several prominent religious destinations that make it a heaven for several unique religious and ritual art forms including Theyyam. Thidambu Nritham is one such ritual art form.

Thidambu nritham, as the name conveys, is an elegant dance carrying the decorated image of the deity ( thidambu) on the head.

Thidambu nritham is commonly performed by Namboodhiris upper caste Hindus. This art form is staged both inside and outside the temple. Ten persons are needed for staging this dance. The dance is performed with the decorated deity of the Devi carried on the head. Foot work is most important and this is executed to the rhythms of the drums.

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