Kollam Fest 10 November 2011

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Fest Nagar
Near Entrance Gate (At the end of link road)
Asramam Maidanam
Phone : 0474 2763402
email :kollamfest@gmail.com
Web :www.kollamfest.com

Kollam Fest 2011 which is scheduled to commence on 1st November is an annual festival of the kind, attracting a vast majority of Keralites and hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists to Kollam. The Kollam Corporation,the District Adminstration and the public of Kollam are going to make the one month long Kollam Fest a trend setting one.The class cultutral programmes in the evenings are sure to make the fest entertaining and memorable.

Kollam Fest is destined to be the signature event in Kollam for year 2011 as well as the years to come. Kollam Fest aims to showcase our rich Culture & Heritage, Tourism potential, Investments for the new ventures, et al through the month long gala event.The fest aims to constitute an award in the name of the late Renowned actor O.Madhavan for the best professional theatre group in Kerala.

Inaugurationon 10th November 2011.

Event Inauguration

Hon. Governor of Meghalaya Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary inaugurates the event on 10th November 2011.

Venue: Fest Nagar Asramam Maithanam

November 10
3pm - Inauguration
Chenda Melam
Kalamandalam – Dance –
ONV Songs –  Lazer show
November 11 (6.00pm)
Shobhana – Dance Programme
November 12 (6.00pm)
Anitha Rock
Music and Dance Programme
November 13 (6.00pm)
Mappila pattu – Patturumal
November 14 (6.00pm)
Musical Programme
Hariharan – Shareth
November 15 (6.00pm)
Contemporary Music
Anubhuthi – Chennai
November 16 (6.00pm)
Musical Programme - Voice of Kollam
November 17 (6.00pm)
Comedy Show
November 18 (6.00pm)
Manipuri – Baishali Basu
November 19 (6.00pm)
Marathi - Dance
November 20 (6.00pm)
Magic show - Muthukadu
November 21 (6.00pm)
Devarajan master night – P. Jayachandran
Musical Programme
November 22 (6.00pm)
Shivamoni or bubble dance
African acrobats
November 23 (6.00pm)
Munch Stars with Ganesh
November 24 (6.00pm)
Kathak - Rajendra gangani
November 25 (6.00pm)
Rimi tomy
November 26 (6.00pm)
Magic show – Magician Samraj
November 27 (6.00pm)
Johnson master night
November 28 (6.00pm)
Comedy Show – Kairali K. R. Prasad
November 29 (6.00pm)
Ravindran master night
November 30 (6.00pm)
Muktha or Navya Nair Dance
December 1 (6.00pm)
Lakshmi Gopalaswami  &  Vineeth
December 2 (6.00pm)
Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt –
Dr. mysore Manjunath
December 3 (6.00pm)
Punjabi Dance
December 4 (6.00pm)
Avial Bands
December 5 (6.00pm)
December 6 (6.00pm)
mega music show V. N Anil -  A. R. Rahna - Deepa mariyam
December 7 (6.00pm)
Odeezi – Meera Das
December 8 (6.00pm)
December 9 (6.00pm)
Mega show  Suresh Gopi & Roma

December 10 (10.00am)
Rob - MAD

Nritha Sandhya

Aims and Objectives :

Aims to set up a museum for heritage, art and cultural. Raise a beneficial fund to help cancer patients. To create an aid project for the rehabilitation of helpless old age women. Invite investment in tourism and trade sector. Convey Eco-friendly message to lives

Organizers :

Under the tutelage of The Honourable chief Minister of Kerala and the Honourable Leader of Opposition and Honourable Ministers of Kerala Under the leadership of worshipful mayor of Kollam Corporation and the respected council members are the organizers of the event.

The Concept :

The event property has been conceived by the best in the business be it veteran Show Biz/ Theatre personalities, Cultural event organizers or the Government officials who have a proven track record in organizing path breaking events in the state as well as in the country.

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