Privacy Policy

Policy is the term that has the highest priority at Thiraseela and the practices we are following should be in standard in order to maintain your personal information. Please read the following policy terms carefully.

Collecting Personal Information

As Thiraseela is a portal, the clients have to enter your personal information such as name, address, e-mail and other details in order to create your own profile, but your account should be in active after thiraseela checking the validities of information you provided. Your profile can only be viewed by the thiraseela visitors and we assure that the information should not be sell or lease to third parties.

Editing Personal Information

By logging into your account on, you can edit any of the information that you provide to us. If you want to close your account on, it is also possible by sending a mail to us regarding the matter.

Policy Regarding Abuse is entirely working for a sound online relation for our clients. We wish our clients to be in a safe online space. We come here with this policy of abuse for that safe effect. We would like all our clients to cooperate with these rules in order to bring you to a very friendly and quite online atmosphere.

Some terms that should be noticed by all the thiraseela users are

  1. Do not harass or insult any personality through thiraseela. Also network harassment is prohibited.
  2. Members of thiraseela may not allow insulting the site or the moderator.
  3. Please make awareness when you are posting your personal data like phone number, photos etc. The information is accessible to the entire internet world. is not liable for any misuse regarding your information however some data is needed for the registration.
  4. You are not supposed to upload any Copyright protected data without the permission of the owner. If you do so, thiraseela have the full right to delete that data without any time. is accessible to any of the person in the world and register at any time. All the final decision on any matter will be taken by its members. Hope you will have a better experience through We, the family of Thiraseela welcome all of you to the world of performing arts.

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